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Grade rr101

Grade Description Application
RR101 Produced From Natural Rubber Automotive Tubes Battery containers, Competitive moldings, Car mattings, Shoe soles.
Chemical Properties
Ash% 8± 2
Carbon Black % 27 ± 3
Acetone Extract% 15± 3
RHC By Difference% 50 min
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity% 1.14 ± 0.02
Tensile Strength kg / cm² 35 min
Elongation at Break % 150min
Hardness at Shore A 59± 3
Mooney Viscosity  ML (1+4) @ 100°C. 25-35
Faster mixing cycle. Improved die swell.
Reduction in consumption of electrical power due to nerve of compound & faster mixing cycle. Practically no reduction in hot air ageing properties.
Applications Bicycle tyres.
Footwear soles. Tyre flaps.
Rubber sheets. Battery containers.