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Reuse and Recycle are the two essential steps to control pollution and wastage of our natural resources. Prior to the development of rubber reclaiming technology, after the end of their lifecycle rubber was essentially burnt, incinerated or dumped as landfills. The recycled products were also limited only to the denigrated or secondary uses like flooring or doormats ets, because of their low quality and adequate technology. Even worse was allowing it to mix with our drinkable water resources. This was a major source of pollution. Apart from that we lost tons of rubber every year, which now with better reclaiming technologies can be reused. In this way we not only save our resources but also add value to our waste.

The same waste or pollutant has now turned tables in being an important ingredient in rubber industry. It not only reduces quality, adds improved characteristics but also reduces wastage, pollution. It has solved a major waste disposal problem and turned into a promising industry in India.

For purpose of reclaiming we procure discarded rubber in the worst state and this is transformed into brand new products and again become available to you. Besides this it also provides employment to a lot of people and is now a well flourishing industry.  At Raksha Reclamation, we train our staff in environmental safety and pollution free practices. We emphatically encourage similar environment friendly initiativesin other industries as well.