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Reclaim Rubber

The products of Raksha Reclamations (Reclaim Rubber & Crum Rubber) are unbeatable in quality and price

Reclaim RubberSimilar to natural rubber Reclaim rubber has the potential to expobe used as a raw material in lot of products. Raksha Reclamation produces a wide variety of reclaimed rubber which has some explicit qualities embedded in it to best suit the specific applications like Tyres & Tubes, Hose Pipes, Molded goods, Conveyer belts, Footwear soles, Tyre flaps, Rubber sheets, Battery containers, Car mattings, Adhesives & Extruded articles, Quality molded goods are some of the applications to which reclaimed rubber can be put to use. In general reclaimed rubber helps in faster mixing cycle, reducing wastage, cost and energy consumption in manufacturing.

Reclaim RubberRubber is an essential raw material in lots of products which require slightly different quality of rubber to be used. Reclaiming rubber is a complex process that requires breading of Sulphur and breakage of rubber linkages with other chemicals at high temperatures. In process waste or discarded rubber from various sources is procured and processed. By meticulously controlling various parameters like ash content, chemical content, breading time and temperature etc. We produce the vast range of our products.

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